Department of Agriculture's RCPC Building is now repaired

We have completed the rehabilitation works of the Regional Crop Protection Center (RCPC) Building of the Department of Agriculture 7.

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PROJECT COMPLETE: RCPC Building Renovation

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, HD Engineers+Builders completes its repair project of the Regional Crops Protection Center (RCPC) Building inside the Department of Agriculture - Region 7 compound. What was once leaking and sagging ceiling is now fully repaired together with new roofing materials installed.

Quality construction, delivered on time. ?

Newly-repaired interior

Newly-repaired interior of the Laboratory Room

Newly-repaired interior under inspection (punchlisting) by Inspectorate Team

Newly-repaired roof of the RCPC Building

BEFORE: An earlier look at the dilapidated and leaking roofing sheets that have caused significant damage to the building's ceiling.

Scope of Works: ?⚒ ?
  •  Roofing
  •  Ceiling
  •  Paintworks (Ceiling)
  •  Electrical

Herbert Diapolet

Herbert is a registered civil engineer in the Philippines and holds a masters degree in Civil Engineering.

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