HERO awards excellent construction workers

HERO celebrates the commendable performance and achievements of our construction workers in an annual midyear activity, our 4th Employee Appreciation Day.

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In its fourth consecutive year, HERO Construction and Development Corporation gives due recognition to the employees who have shown exemplary performance in their respective line of work -- from construction support workers, skilled workers, foremen, and other admin staff. 

Congratulations to the awardees! Keep up the dedication and more laurels to come!

With a fun-filled day ending, full of games and engagement activities, we would like to thank the full participation of our workers, the event organizers, and Davies Philippines as one of the sponsors of this event.

Herbert Diapolet

Herbert is a registered civil engineer in the Philippines and holds a masters degree in Civil Engineering.

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Can't wait to visit Cordova next month with our tech & engineering team! :)

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