Catalyst of Passion: My Internship Journey at HERO CDC

Rosa Angelica Mejos, a Civil Engineering student from the University of Southern Philippines Foundation narrates her journey into the world of construction

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As a Civil Engineering student from the University of Southern Philippines Foundation, my journey into the world of construction began with an exciting internship at HERO Construction and Development Corporation. Little did I know that this experience would shape my perspective and lead me to discover a newfound passion and love for civil engineering.

During my internship, I had the privilege of being assigned to the prestigious UP Lahug campus in Cebu. It was a remarkable opportunity to witness the real-life application of the theoretical knowledge I had gained at school. As an intern, I took on the responsibility of overseeing the construction process and ensuring that all works were in line with engineering plans and specifications.

My daily routine involved hands-on supervision at the construction site and working on essential paperwork at the office such as bidding documents. At the site, I would interact with skilled workers, seeking their valuable insights and asking questions about the technicalities of the projects. The workers were patient and approachable, willingly sharing their knowledge and expertise.

I was also tasked with running papers that were essential for every step of the construction process. This included submitting progress updates, permit applications, and weekly reports of the project. While it was challenging, this taught me about the importance of meticulous documentation and attention to detail.

Photo taken at HCDC Monthly Office Meeting

Attending a monthly meeting at the office was another eye-opening experience. I was given the responsibility of reporting on the overall updates of projects from different sites. Although most of the parts of the report I created were incorrect, I still gained valuable learnings from it. This exposure allowed me to understand the broader picture of the company's operations.

Photo taken with workers at UP Cebu.

I am deeply grateful to HERO CDC for providing me with a safe, nurturing, and enlightening environment throughout my internship. This experience has not only taught me technical skills but has also allowed me to form meaningful bonds with colleagues, workers, and engineers. The patience and encouragement of everyone at HERO CDC have made this journey even more memorable.

As my internship journey at HERO CDC comes to an end, I reflect on my college mantra: "I don't have to love it, I just have to learn and finish it." However, this experience has taught me that true fulfillment lies in finding passion and love for what I do. HERO CDC has ignited a passion for civil engineering, which I had not initially considered, and I am truly grateful for it.

As I step into the future, I am excited to pursue my newfound passion in my career path and contribute to the transformative world of civil engineering.

Photo taken at UP Lahug, Cebu.

Rosa Angelica Mejos

Gel is a civil engineering intern at HERO Construction. She collaborates with the project engineer and oversees ongoing projects while under training to learn technical skills and the practicalities of the profession in the construction industry.

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